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Our Doggo Freya Needs Surgery

Hi Friends! I've found myself in the difficult situation of needing to raise money for my sweet doggo because she needs surgery.

Freya is a sweet rescue, she's 8 years old and is part Great Pyrenees and part Red Heeler. We call her a "Great Healer" because of her sweet nature and she always heals us with her love when we need it. She loves going for walks, and she smiles, winks, and says "outside!" She was also the model for one of the cards in Magical Dogs Tarot that was written and illustrated by my husband Dan and I.

Freya has a problem. Back in May she developed a weird growth on her elbow. The vet thought it was a hygroma, which is caused by repeated minor trauma to bony prominences on a dog, usually from laying on the hard ground. Our vet is concerned because she realized on our last visit that Freya gets to lay on the couch, our bed, and her soft bed all day and that's not the lifestyle of a dog with a hygroma. She's also young for a hygroma and not one of the breeds that usually gets them, so it doesn't seem like a normal hygroma. When it was drained the vet noticed a hard mass inside and after conferring with another veterinary surgeon, they decided it should be removed because it might be something worse.

We're self-employed online sellers and have been for years, but the economy has hit us hard, with people struggling to buy bare necessities many of us cottage industries are feeling the crunch. So, our girl needs surgery now and I'm hoping that some people might be able to chip in a couple of bucks towards the surgery she needs. She's a member of our family and she gives everyone so much joy, we hope we can get the help she needs to keep her healthy for evening walks, playing with our cat and grandkids, and swimming in the river for years to come.

It's shocking to learn that surgery for pets is expensive, nearly as costly as care for humans. We're also aware that we'll probably need a cone, medication, etc. once she's in recovery. If you feel moved to donate, you will be helping a four-legged fur girl who makes the day of everyone she meets, and of course, you'll have our deep gratitude for helping our best friend. If you can't donate, you can still help Freya out by sharing this fundraiser.

Many thanks!

Mickie Mueller

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