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Hexenspiegels: The Little Witch's Mirror with the Big Name

I wrote about these charms in my book The Witch's Mirror, but I'm sharing some information about them here too since I have a brand new batch of them in the process of being made. These Hexenspiegel pendants that I'm creating inspired by the goddess Hecate and including a strophalos/Hecate's wheel on the back, a sleek snake framing the mirror, and a key charm hanging from the bottom.

A hexenspiegel is a special kind of mirrored charm used in folk magic traditions, the term is German for "witch's mirror." Hexenspiegel charms were sometimes worn as jewelry or displayed as small household mirrors with the belief that the hexenspiegel would reflect away the evil eye, harmful magic, or other bad intentions from others. The common belief was that the malevolent energy once sent would still belong to the sender until you received it, according to folklore a witch's mirror prevents it from being received and therefore the bad juju remains with the sender. It's a pretty neat little charm.

Hexenspiegel Charging Spell

If you order one of mine, this is already done for you, but if you have a small mirror of your own that you want to enchant as a protective hexenspiegel, this is one version of the spell that's a little different than the one in my book The Witch's Mirror. You don't have to do a spell the same way every time, as long as it resonates with you and you put your own energy into it, it'll work!

First purify your new mirror in any manner you wish. Next make a hexenspiegel mirror wash. Mirror washes simultaneously physically cleanse and magically program your mirror. Here’s my formula for a hexenspiegel wash, these are protective herbs that would have been found in and around the cottage of the witches of Germany and Austria that could easily be crafted into a method for empowering an amulet of this kind. Brew an infusion using hot water and any of the following: rosemary, marjoram, holly leaves or berries, rowan, mullien, nettle, agrimony. Once the brew cools, strain it through a coffee filter or cloth and mix equal parts of the brew with white vinegar. Wipe the wash over the surface of the mirror and wipe it dry. Next light a white candle and hold the hexenspiegel in your left hand, trace a pentagram in the air over it and push it in with your right hand. Now whisper into your cupped hands three times:

“Hexenspiegel now I name you,

My protector now I claim you,

Serve this witch as my noble guard,

From all attacks, their access barred.

Decline and keep curses at bay,

All nasty arrows shine away.”

Leave it next to the candle until the candle burns down completely. You can bury any remaining wax on your property or simply state that the spell is complete and throw it away.

I also have a YouTube video with the same spell that's above so if you prefer to watch a video there you go! The video also has more information about them and I show you step by step how I make them. I'll leave the link below for that video.

Be Your Magick!

Mickie Mueller

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