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Black Cat Candles in Witchcraft

Now that it's the Halloween season (yes, I firmly believe it's a whole season) keep your eyes peeled for black cat shaped candles (and black candles in general) that you can use in your witchcraft all year!

Black Cat shaped candles (and candle holders too) are used in spells for really positive intentions like good luck and removing negative energy, banishing, and uncrossing. Black cats have gotten an unearned bad reputation, but witches know better. In witchcraft, black cats are lucky! Just ask my kitty girl Grimalkin!

Cats use their claws for protection, but they also are known for capturing all kinds of prey with their claws. This is why cat candles are used to bring you whatever you're looking for! If you've ever had an outdoor cat in your life, you know that occasionally they deliver a "gift" of a bird or mouse to your doorstep, perhaps even right at your feet. While we might not love that, to the cat, that's abundance they're delivering. In cat candle spells the spell caster visualizes sending their good kitty out to hunt for them and return with whatever they want to bring into their lives, luck, love, money, and more are all traditional uses for cat candles. A cat brings luck because they have been said to have nine lives as well as the ability to land on their feet when things go sideways. They're clever, resilient, soft and loveable badasses with needles on their feet. Cats basically have all their bases covered!

I crafted a Lucky Black Cat candle holder! We use a process called dye sublimation and heat-press my design into the surface of the frosted candle holder. The art becomes part of the glass and is permanent allowing you to use it again and again.

This jar has a magickal black cat and general symbols of luck, money, and love. It also comes with a free white votive. (white candles are all-purpose candles) The symbolism of a black cat in candle magick is considered by many to be a versatile symbol indeed!

We include a white votive candle (white candles are all-purpose) but you can use any color candle you wish to add different energies to your spell. You can clean out the leftover wax and use the jar again and again. To clean out the wax, just set it in a dish of very hot water for about 10 minutes to loosen up the wax, scrape it out, (I used a butter knife) be careful not to break the glass jar or mar the frosted surface. Clean it out well with hot soapy water to remove all the wax and any residual herbs, it's not dishwasher safe, so hand wash only. You can pour your own candle into the jar, or use votives or tea light candles dressed with your own herbs or oils.

I've added an incantation to the back of this candle holder making it an easy and fun way to do a candle spell. You can personalize it by adding your own extra verses to the incantation, adding a petition underneath it, inscribing a votive, or engraving words or symbols onto a metal tea light holder. Use various herbs on your candle, surround the holder with crystals, coins, With a little creativity you can use this Lucky Black Cat candle holder for many different kinds of spells.

"My Lucky Black Cat, Fetch me my desire, Luck, money or love, By this candle's fire!"

Cat Candle Tips

Whether using a cat shaped candle or a candle jar like mine, here are some tips for using a cat candle into your spell:

  • Catnip is a great herb to include because it's a gift the the spirit of the cat and encourages it to return with your request. You can mix catnip with other herbs that correspond to your purpose.

  • A cat shaped candle may be hard to inscribe but you can inscribe the bottom or add a paper petition under it instead.

  • You can use a black cat or a colored cat candle to correspond with the kind of spell you're doing.

  • I like to use oil to anoint the cat candle, I do it with kindness, as if stroking a cat in the way they would like, never against the fur.

  • Be wary of leaving a cat candle burning where your household cats can get to it, they may be drawn to the feline energy and knock over your candle.

If you're looking for a witch-crafted cat shaped candle to use in a spell, I recently bought a beautiful beeswax cat candle from my friend and fellow witchcraft author Madam Pamita. Her candles are very well made with quality ingredients, you won't be disappointed!

If you haven't tried using a black cat candle in a spell, I suggest you give it a try, especially if you're a cat lover. The spirit of the Cat is a wonderful spiritual ally.


Mickie Mueller

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