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LlewellynCon is Coming...Do You Want to Go for FREE?!

Trick question, it's free for everyone!

Join me at Llewellyn's Fifth Annual LlewellynCon. This online event is ten days of author talks from me and my fellow Llewellyn authors, you'll have opportunities in interact live in the Q&A, and yes, it's all free presented by Llewellyn Books!

The event runs from June 6-June 15. I'll be presenting on the first day June 6 at 1:00 pm central time. My presentation is all about a beautiful method to call back your energy after difficult interactions. If that sounds like what you'd be interested in, head over the the Llewellyn website and register to save your spot in this free online event. You can attend from your computer or phone, easy peasy! It's all broadcast on Crowdcast so when you register you'll get notifications to remind you so you won't miss a thing, you'll also have to click a button and they'll send you a free sticker! You can also register to be included in the giveaway of some cool swag.

Register Here:

If you miss anything you can catch all the author presentations on Llewellyn's YouTube channel.


Mickie Mueller

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