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All About Mickie Mueller's Spells and Readings 

Spells from Mickie Mueller

I love teaching people how to cast their own spells, read their own cards, and be their own magick. This is what I do. I truly believe that when it comes to magick there is no one more capable than us to create magickal changes in our own lives, even if you're brand new, even if you've never cast a spell in your life, I have spells that I can teach you in my books, articles, and on my YouTube channel that you can do yourself with easy everyday ingredients and step by step instructions so that you don't have to rely on anyone for your magick.

Sometimes I offer spell supplies in my Etsy shop, you can get dressed candles in gorgeous re-usable candle jars, handmade magickal charms and amulets for personal use and home use. I might occasionally offer a special spell supply that I've magickally crafted. I love sharing magickal goods with you, but I do not cast the spell for you. It's more powerful, empowering, and meaningful if you do it yourself, and I'm absolutely glad to teach these skills through my videos and my writing. I want to support you on your journey, but in a way that helps you learn to become the witch you need in your life. The most powerful witch is the one in your own mirror!

Does Mickie Offer Tarot Readings?

I have offered tarot and oracle card readings in the past, both at in person events and online, I've designed tarot and oracle decks published by Llewellyn, so it's really fun to do readings with them. When I did offer online readings I had listings for them in my Etsy shop, that way there was accountability and you knew it was really me doing the readings. I have never nor will ever send you a DM on social media to offer a reading of any kind. I do not solicit money in the DM's.

I've become a really busy witch, and I've found it necessary to prioritize things in my life, that has left doing tarot and oracle readings as something I had to drop in order to do other things. If I ever do resume offering readings I will add the information right here and I'll post about it on my social media account feeds. Again, I will never contact you in the DM's on any social media to offer you a reading or solicit money for any reason, if you get a message like that, it's an imposter account. I keep repeating that point, but I want to make sure everyone gets it in order to avoid scammers.

Sometimes I do still offer a free three card draw on my socials, so if you're following me, you might enjoy getting in on that. I also used to do social media lives (video feeds) with a couple of my friends and we would do one card (which sometimes turned into more) quickie readings, these were live, you knew it was us, and we would actually interact with the comments in real time.

I might offer tarot or oracle readings again in the future, when and if I do, my website and my Etsy shop is where you'll find them. Again, I'll never ever offer readings in a private message.

Be Your Magick!

-Mickie Mueller

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