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Voice of the Trees: Limited Edition Finale Gift Pack

We finally finished up all the beautiful extras for this special edition as we say farewell to the Llewellyn Books publication of my oracle deck Voice of the Trees.

This is not a new deck, it was published in 2011, and it's gone out of print, but I was able to get 100 copies thanks to my Llewellyn friends who really worked with me to make that happen. These are the LAST 100 COPIES I WILL HAVE… ever of this oracle deck. I wrote and illustrated Voice of the Trees, which is an oracle deck based on the 25 symbols in the Celtic ogham system, and includes a 183 page book. This will be your last chance to get a

brand new sealed copy since it’s now out of print.

We’re putting together a special Limited Edition Finale Gift Pack that will include a gorgeous imprinted bag, big enough for the deck, book, and there’s still room for a small notebook, stones, pen, etc. We’re also including a smaller muslin hand stamped bag signed by me to keep your cards together and safe. There will also be a signed 5x7 art postcard suitable for framing, a wooden art ornament that can be converted to a key chain if you wish, and a special edition signed fabric bookmark. Because I don’t want to break the seals on the last 100 decks, you’ll also get a signed and numbered full color bookplate that you can affix to the inside cover when you break the seal yourself. We really wanted to give this deck a special send-off and make sure that you get some beautiful Voice of the Trees schwag with this Limited Edition Finale set!

These will be ready for pre-order Saturday Feb. 11, 2023 at 2:00 Central Time, they’ll start shipping in March. I just wanted to give everyone the heads up because I don’t know how fast they’ll go, and when they’ll gone, they’re really gone!

Where can you find it? It's exclusively available in my Voice of the Trees Etsy shop!

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