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My Secret Witch's Black Salt: Revealed!

When inspiration strikes, I often just go with it. This week it wasn't a single strike, but a thunderstorm of ideas! I wrote down the ones I didn't get to so that I can revisit them, but here are a couple that I got right down to crafting this week, Here's one of those ideas.

In witchcraft, black salt has been used as part of spells for protection, hex and curse breaking, destroying baneful energy, psychic work, dark moon spells, binding, banishing, and more.

I did a video on YouTube a couple years ago with my secret method for making witch’s black salt. (I'll leave a link for that below.) I had so many people wanting to buy some that I finally decided to offer a batch up for people who want it in my Etsy shop. (Grab your own here) I had tossed the idea around for awhile but I wanted the packaging to be special and I couldn't decide it I wanted jars or pouches.

Pouches are easier to ship and you don't have to worry about them breaking, while jars really look nice. I found the perfect solution! aren't these pouches amazing?! I fell in love with these sturdy bags as soon as I found them. I love that jar look, and it even stands up, but it’s unbreakable and even travels well.

I absolutely love this salt, I don’t use any ash, which is a method lots of people use. Ash works too, but I found that it's really a grey looking salt and as an artist, I love a beautiful appearance as well as something to be meaningful. So I came up with a different way of making it because I just love my salt to be black as midnight! My method uses sea salt and hand crafted charcoal; that’s carbonized magickal ingredients that I make myself.

For this batch I used sea salt from Italy. I hand crafted charcoal from dried rosemary leaves and branches, juniper wood, witch’s burrs, eggshells from my daughter’s free range chickens, and a couple naturally cast off black cat’s claw sheath’s gathered from a scratching post. (never harm a cat for any reason) Once all the ingredients are carbonized, they’re crushed to a fine powder in my brass mortar & pestle and mixed with the sea salt. Of course the entire process is filled with the intention to make an ingredient that will live up to your personal witchcraft needs.

This salt is great to put in charm bottles, charm bags, you can anoint a taper candle with oil and roll it in the salt, sprinkle the salt onto a tealight or 7 day candle. You can also make a ring around a candle with it. (see precautions) I like to put it in a small cup and use it as a candle holder, if you do this you can re-use it for other spells as long as they're the same kind of spells. It can also go into poppets, put a small dish on your altar, sprinkle a pinch across your threshold, a little can go a long way!

Here's the video where I show how I make it step by step and talk about how I came up with this method for crafting artisan black salt!

Be Your Magick!

Mickie Mueller

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