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My First Self-Published Journal!

I wanted to show you my new lined journal with my art on it! It's 6" x 9" and 120 pages so it's easy to tote with your stuff. The paperback cover is a silky smooth matte finish, the pages are white, and lined with the death's head moth and corner pieces decorating the pages as watermarks so you can write over the design and it still looks enchanting!

I started using journals a while back as a way to help me remember things And I particularly like the using a loosy goosy bullet journal method which basically just starts with an empty journal.

Organizers and planners with the dates and specific slots to write things in work for a lot of people…but they don’t really work well for me as far as a daily tracker. That’s why I started just using a regular journal so that I can make each page however I want to from day to day with an index in the front so I can find my notes, sketches, ideas, references from phone calls etc. My old method of grabbing an envelope or scrap of paper meant I could never find that important phone number or date, now I can stop making notes on the backs of envelopes that I will never find again.

My problem was I wanted a journal that looked cool, but not just the cover. I wanted the pages to be decorated as well because that’s what helps to engage my brain and makes me want to use the darn thing. I found a few online that I thought were pretty, but they were also a little bit out of my price range. So I got this crazy idea; I decided why not just make my own. Once I put it all together, I thought other people might like these too!

Now I made my first journal on kindle direct publishing! I didn’t even know what I was doing, but I watched a few tutorials and I figured it out. I do have a publisher, Llewellyn Worldwide, that I work with for the books I've written and illustrated, but they generally don't do journals, so self publishing journals just made sense. Look how cool this turned out.

It was a process, I had to make sure that I uploaded the pages correctly and that nothing was wonky before I actually put it out there for other people. Then I made a few mistakes with the title, subtitle, and other wording on the listing that I had a hard time figuring it out, if you don't get that part right, they won't allow it to be published. Now that I've gotten through the process of designing the cover, pages, and uploading my first one, I think I'll do more, so watch for those coming soon. Right now I'm working on an owl journal and this time I'm going to number the pages and add little quotes, facts, and folklore about owls at the tops of the pages. I'm also going to add decorations to the pages like I did on this one, I love the way the pages look.

My Death's Head Moth journal is now available on Amazon so if you want a copy of this journal you can get one too. To grab one you can search “Mickie Mueller Journal” in the Amazon search and it comes right up. I'm also going to leave the link right here so you can find it easily. If you get one, don't forget to pop back over to Amazon and rate and review it so that it'll be easier for other people to find. A quick review really helps me out and I know other shopper appreciate reviews when they're shopping online too!

What would you use a journal like this one for? Would you use it for a book of shadows, a dream journal, poetry, or maybe even use it as a bullet journal like I’m using mine for. let me know.

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