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International Woman's Month/Day Spell

Women, men, and all other genders have been socialized with messages that women can never meet societal expectations and it harms all of society deeply. Women are too sexy/not sexy enough, too quiet/too loud, too made up, too plain, you smile too much/ smile more, too kind/too mean, too full figured/too thin, too enterprising/not successful enough, too weird/too boring, too young/too old. How do we manage to be always simultaneously too much and too little for some people?

Here’s how, the people who say these things don’t see us as people but as commodities they can trade on and collect like baseball cards. We only have value if we’re perceived as falling in line, but even that is impossible because we’re regularly faced with contradictory expectations.

And when we try to quietly walk away? We’re stalked, harassed, attacked, and shamed for just being a woman who said, “No thanks.” A perfectly reasonable boundary is perceived as an attack by a fragile ego who can’t stand being told “No.” by someone as "valueless" as a woman. This is how women become targets. This is how it’s normalized.

Women's History Month: Spell to Take Your Power Back

During Women’s History Month I offer this small gentle spell to release the impact of lifelong shame bit by bit. Repeat as necessary.

Women of all ages, shapes, backgrounds, amounts of melanin, abilities, women assigned male at birth, and men or nonbinary people assigned female at birth or even any men that were shamed for your feminine traits, this spell is for you, I see you, I have your back.

You'll need:

Oil diffuser Frankincense or olive oil Water Rosemary or lavender Tea light candle

Focus on a painful memory, it might be a time you were shamed, belittled, overlooked, ridiculed, dehumanized, commodified, sexualized, judged, devalued, or boundaries were ignored. I know many of us have little and big traumas, start with a small one to build resilience. Tell one small story to the water.

(If you love my herb labels, I have a free download for a set of them over in the description of my YouTube video about organizing my kitchen witch herbs! Click here for the link!)

Add three drops of oil to seal it. Sprinkle rosemary on the candle for releasing the energy. Light the candle. Allow the pain around the memory to evaporate. As you do, details may come up. Add them by the spoonful. Don’t let the water go dry. When the candle burns out let the water cool for one hour. Pour it on the earth to ground it.

Now that some of the pain was removed from that memory, see if you can find a way to reframe it. The person casting shame didn’t have the right to treat you that way. Give some love to the part of you that experienced it and lift that part of you up. Be gentle with yourself. You’re getting stronger every day.

Be Your Magick!


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